Practise division year 4

With Practise Maths, you can practise division year 4 at your own level. You can do this through maths exercises. Before we start an exercise, you choose which division tables you want to practise. Each set of division table exercises consists of 15 problems. If you get 13 or more correct, your time will also be shown. You can challenge yourself to improve by solving the problems faster or more accurately. After you've finished the exercise, your score will be visible, and you can compare it with other students.

Division tables 1 through 12

For Year 4 division practise, you can work on problems from the division tables 1 to 12. You choose which tables you want to practise beforehand. For example, if you find the 7 division table challenging, you can focus on that. You can also mix and match tables, like choosing division tables 1 through 4 together.

To make learning maths even more enjoyable, we have various maths games you can play. For instance, you can blast spaceships out of the sky with the game Moonblasters or dodge obstacles in the maths game Space Race! After you finish a game, your score will appear. Try to beat your friends and become the division champion!

How does Practise Maths work?

Now, how does all of this work? Practise Maths was created based on the practises of Dutch primary school education. The goal is to make maths more accessible and fun for students like you. You have control over which division problems you want to practise, tailoring it to your level or preference.

The division exercises and games are completely free and accessible to everyone. So, if you want, you can practise division problems or other maths games all day long. The Practise Maths website is continuously updated with new content.


Now, let's talk about what you're expected to able to do in division Year 4. You should be able to use methods for short multiplication and short division.

  • This means knowing and using multiplication and division problems for all tables up to 12 × 12
  • Multiplying three-digit numbers by single-digit numbers
  • Multiplying three numbers together

With Practise Maths, you'll learn to solve division problems in a fun way through games and other exercises. This way, you'll improve and be ready for the next maths test. Alright, let's get practicing and have some fun with maths!