Practise Division Year 3

With Practise Maths, you can easily practise division for year 3 at your own level. Our platform consists of division exercises and division games. Before starting, you choose which division tables you want to practise. Once the exercise begins, you'll see 15 different division problems. If you answer more than 13 of these division problems correctly, your time will also be displayed. Not satisfied with the time? Try the exercise again to improve your time. This way, you'll become faster at division problems and practise your math fluency.

Division Tables (1 to 12)

At Practise Maths, you can practise division problems for year 3. You can practise the division tables 1 to 12. It's also possible to practise multiple tables at once: for example, practise with the odd tables of 1, 3, and 5.

You can also practise division problems with maths games. Improve your maths with the game Bouncer, and try to bounce the ball as high as possible. After playing the game, you'll see your score. Compare the score with your friends and become the best in division for Year 3!

How does it work?

Practise Maths is designed to make maths fun and accessible for primary school children. The website is developed based on teaching experience in Dutch primary education. At Practise Maths, you can practise math fluency at your own level. The ultimate goal is to improve your math fluency in a fun way and become faster at division for year 3.

Practising year 3 division problems and playing maths games is completely free and will always be free! So you can play the games whenever you feel like it. The website is constantly updated with new content to make maths even more enjoyable!


In year 3, children are expected to use various methods for multiplication and division. These include:

  • Knowing and using multiplication and division facts for the 3-, 4-, and 8-times tables
  • Multiplying two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers
  • Understanding the inverse relationship between multiplication and division

By practising your maths at Practise Maths, you train your math fluency. This makes you faster and better at division problems. Start an exercise now at Practise Maths!