Practise Year 2 division

With Practise Maths, you can practise year 2 division at your own level. You can choose which division tables you want to practise. Once you've selected these tables, you'll receive 15 exercises to complete. If you answer more than 13 questions correctly, your time score will also be displayed. If you're not satisfied, you can redo the exercise. When you improve and achieve a high score, you'll see a green bar at the top of the exercise. You can also compare scores with other children. This way, you practise division for year 2 in an enjoyable way!

Division tables (1 to 12)

At Practise Maths, you can practise division tables 1 through 12. For example, you can focus solely on practising the division table of 5. But you can also practise multiple tables simultaneously to increase your maths fluency.

In addition to practising for year 2 division, you can also play maths games on Practise Maths. Before the game begins, you can choose which division tables you want to practise. For example, select the table of 2 and engage in battle with enemy spaceships in the game Moonblaster. Achieve the highest score possible and compare it with your friends!

How does it work?

Practise Maths is designed based on practical experience in Dutch primary education and aims to improve students' maths fluency. You have control over which problems you practise. If you find some certain problems more challenging, you can practise them extra. Our goal is to make practising maths enjoyable for children.

Practise Maths is completely free, so you don't need a subscription now, and you never will. This way, you can practise year 2 division whenever and how long you feel like it. Our website is regularly updated with new content to keep maths enjoyable for children.


In year 2, students are expected to use various methods to solve division problems. This includes:

  • Knowing and using division problems for the 2-, 5-, and 10 division tables
  • Recognizing and using odd and even numbers
  • Using the symbols ×, ÷, and = to write division and multiplication problems.

Play the most fun maths games and improve your maths fluency. practise division for Year 2 at Practise Maths and prepare for the SATs at the end of Year 2!