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If you want to learn arithmetic well, it's important to be able to do the basic sums quickly and accurately. For more difficult arithmetic problems, you often need to be able to calculate these sums quickly and mentally. On this website, children practice these basic sums. These include multiplication tables, division tables, as well as addition and subtraction sums. An ideal combination of practice and play is used. The practice section looks attractive but is mainly focused on effectively practicing the sums. In the games, playing is prioritized, but practice also continues in the background. This keeps it fun and educational!

No Stress

Automating involves speed. You need to be able to calculate the sums quickly, within 3 to 4 seconds. But children often find it stressful when time is visible, or worse, when they have limited time to respond. That's why children work on correctly answering questions in the practice section of this website first. Only when they master the sums is the time displayed after every 15 questions. And even then, it's mainly focused on improving your own time. Only when that's appropriate are children challenged to complete the sums within the time limit.

Simple and Free!

On this website, you don't need to log in, and you don't have to pay for anything. You can start playing immediately without any restrictions! When a teacher creates a class, children can practice much more effectively. The level is then tracked, and exactly the right sums are always offered. Although it's aimed at teachers, you can confidently create a teacher account as a parent and allow your child to practice even better. You can also schedule tasks and track progress. It's all still free!


We are constantly working to improve this website. Therefore, we welcome tips from users. So if you have a good idea or if you want to report an error, please do! Send us a message!



Do you think you can guide the colored ball through the right colors? It's quite a journey upwards, and watch out: the ball also changes color!


Collect the correct answers to get bullets and shoot down the enemy spaceships!

Blob Defense

Build towers to stop the ever-growing blobs! Solve problems and earn extra money.

Gravity Pod

This UFO handles very heavily, and the wind is unpredictable! Can you still land it on all the platforms?

Space Sniper

Control the crosshair and shoot down the UFOs coming at you! But what looms in the distance..?

Space Race

Race through the openings and dodge all obstacles. Can you reach the earth?