Welcome to Practise Maths

Practise Maths is the ultimate platform for practicing math fluency for primary school students. With engaging maths exercises and maths games, Practise Maths brings fun and learning together.

How does Practise Maths work?

At Practise Maths, students practice sums at their own level. For instance, division exercises. Students can choose which tables they want to practice, such as 3 and 4 timestables mixed or all timestables up to 5. Each maths exercise or maths game consists of 15 sums. After these 15 sums, students see their score. If they score 13 or more correctly, the time is also displayed. This time can be improved, but it's not visible while a student is doing an exercise, providing calmness if there's still a need to practice sums. If all 15 sums are answered correctly and the previous time is improved, the students' screen turns green. After this, the student can practice at their own pace to improve their speed in the tables. In maths games, students see their score on a leaderboard for the whole United Kingdom. The challenge, of course, is to reach the 1st place!

What does Practise Maths offer?

Practise Maths offers fundamental topics of numeracy. All these topics can be practiced for math fluency. Practise Maths offers division exercises and multiplication exercises. Additionally, we also provide times tables and division tables to expedite the learning process. Of course, Practise Maths also offers adding and subtraction. This is the foundation of maths, and every student can practice at their own pace. Practise Maths is also very suitable for practicing bridging through ten. For all these exercises, Practise Maths makes it easy to practice these topics without time pressure. However, math games and exercises become more enjoyable when practicing math fluency and doing calculations at speed!

Where does Practise Maths come from?

Practise Maths originates from the Dutch primary education system. With experience in education, Practise Maths knows the best ways for students to master the material. Therefore, Practise Maths provides a seamless connection between what students enjoy and what they need to practice. This combination makes practicing math fluency as enjoyable as gaming or playing football.

The math exercises and math games are tailored to the British education system. The curriculum of key stage 1 and key stage 2 has been researched to align the exercises with British learning needs. Thus, division tables and times tables up to 12 are taught. This allows students to practice effectively for the SATs awaiting them in year 2 and year 6.

What does Practise Maths have to offer in the future?

In the future, British teachers, just like Dutch teachers can do now, can log in to Practise Maths. Here you can do several things. First and foremost, exercises can be prepared for the class. For example, 2 exercises per week for addition and subtraction and 4 per week for division. Students can log in to their own accounts and complete these tasks weekly. The progress and score of these exercises are visible to you as a teacher. You set the starting level for the students. When they pass the exercises within the norm, the level is increased. This way, everyone practices at their own level. One student may still be working on the tables from 1 to 5, while another almost masters all 12. By consulting the results of each individual student in the dashboard, you as a teacher can adjust and help students more effectively.