Practise division tables

Welcome to the world of division with Practise Maths! Improve your maths fluency by using the division tables. Choose which division tables you want to practice and begin your maths exercise or maths game. You'll be presented with 15 problems to solve. Try your best to answer as many correctly as you can. After completing the 15 problems, your score will be displayed. Not satisfied? Give it another go! If you score 13 or more correct answers, your time will also be shown. Work on improving your time and aim to solve the problems as quickly as possible!

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Division tables 1 through 12

  • 1 division table
  • 2 division table
  • 3 division table
  • 4 division table
  • 5 division table
  • 6 division table
  • 7 division table
  • 8 division table
  • 9 division table
  • 10 division table
  • 11 division table
  • 12 division table

You can practise one division table at a time, or mix them up. For example practise the division tables of 1 through 4. By practising multiple division tables at once, you can quickly tackle the ones you find challenging. As you practice until you can swiftly answer the division table problems, you'll improve your maths fluency. This will give you the confidence you need to tackle tests like the SATs with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Start practising the division tables with Practise Maths now!