Practise addition and subtraction

Let's sharpen those addition and subtraction skills at Practise Maths! Choose what you want to practice and kick off the maths exercise. After tackling the 15 questions, you'll see your score. If you nail 13 or more correct answers, your time will pop up too. Now, you can work on improving both your time and score! This is how you'll boost your maths fluency. Not thrilled with your score? Quickly start the exercise again and aim to better your score.

Practise Maths also offers fun maths games. Choose a cool game like Moonblaster, where you can defeat enemy spaceships by answering math questions correctly. You can even adjust the difficulty level, like adding tens and subtracting tens. After playing, you'll see your score on a leaderboard. The challenge is to snag that number one spot in the whole of the United Kingdom!

Addition and subtraction for year 1 through year 6

At Practise Maths, we've got suitable exercises for every year in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2:

  • Addition & Subtraction Year 1
  • Addition & Subtraction Year 2
  • Addition & Subtraction Year 3
  • Addition & Subtraction Year 4
  • Addition & Subtraction Year 5
  • Addition & Subtraction Year 6

With adjustable difficulty levels, you can practice maths fluency at your own pace. This will help you solve problems faster and develop strategies, getting you ready for important tests like the SATs in Year 2 and Year 6. So, what are you waiting for? Start your maths game or maths exercise now and work on boosting your maths fluency!